Questions Asked By Clients

Q: What are your office hours?
A: We are open Monday – Saturday 9 am – 5 pm

Q: Can I call you out of office hours?
A: Yes, leave your name and number and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Q: How much is the hourly rate?
A: We have a fixed hourly rate of £60 per hour

Q: What exactly is a non-sexual escort?
A: A non-sexual escort is a person who offers their time and companionship in exchange for money.  A non-sexual escort does not offer any kind of sexual services.  You are only paying her for her time and company and nothing sexual.  So if you are looking for a contact escort that offers sex you have come to the wrong place.

Q: Can I book a 30 min appointment at the escorts flat?
A: No, our escorts do not offer that type of service ever.

Q: What is the minimum time I have to book an escort for?
A: Our minimum booking is 2 hours

Q: Can I book an escort to come to my hotel room or home for drinks?
A: No, our escorts only attend dates in public places and do not visit hotel rooms.

Q: Do I have to be a member to view your full website?
A: No, our site is open for all to view, it does not contain any adult material, all photos of our companions are taken is clothing that you would expect them to wear on an evening out.  There are no nude images.

Q: How much notice do I have to give for a date?
A: We advise you give as much notice as possible, so you are not disappointed. We normally ask for at least 48 hours or more.
Some of our escorts are able to make last minute appointments so it is always worth asking.  But please do not contact us and ask can we have some fun for an hour with this escort, we will just ignore your request.

Q: Can I request the escort wears a certain type of clothing?
A: Yes, our escorts do their utmost to dress to your requirements.
But please do not try and request what underwear she wears as that is not part of the service.
There is no harm in asking one of our escorts to wear a short skirt of revealing dress, after all, we all want a bit of glamour in our lives and we want your date to be enjoyable.

Q: How do I book a date?
A: Please complete the online booking form, a link to the booking form for each escort can be found on her profile page next to her photo or call 07810 827 915

Q: Do I have to complete all sections of the booking form?
A: Yes, please answer all the questions as this allows us to deal with your booking efficiently, we will have all the information for the escort and be able to confirm your booking quickly.

Q: Can I phone and make a telephone booking?
A: Yes. 07810 827 915

Q: When & how do I pay?
A: You pay the escort in full at the start of the date.? Please do not embarrass the escort by making her have to ask for payment.  The payment should be in cash, our escorts do not accept cheques or card payments.

Q: Do I have to pay for travel expenses for the escort?
A: If the escort has to travel more than 10 miles or she has to travel home at a very late hour, you will be asked to pay reasonable travel expenses, these will be discussed with you before the date.
We do not allow our escorts to ask for outrageous amounts, but we do want them to be comfortable and safe.

Q: Can I speak to the escort before the date to break the ice so we are not total strangers?
A: Yes, once the date has been agreed we ask our escorts to contact the client and have a chat, please do not think that this is your opportunity to ask for extra services, our escorts do not offer extras.

Q: What do I have to pay for?
A: You pay for all meals, drinks, entrances fees etc, the escorts fees, any travel expenses.
Please do not expect the escort to buy you drinks or pay for anything on the date.

Q: What physical contact can I have with the escort?
A: The type of physical contact you can expect is what you would expect if you were going out with a good friend, linking arms etc, even holding hands, holding the escort while dancing, but not in a sexual way.? You should not expect your escort to kiss you.

Questions Asked by Companions

Q: How long is my profile active for.
A: As long as you want, but you must email us every 6 months to say you still want to be listed as available for booking or we may delete your profile.

Q: Do you guarantee how many bookings I will get
A: No we can not guarantee how many bookings you will get as it is the clients who chose who they book

Q: How do I delete my profile
A: All you have to do is email us and we will do this for you as soon as we are able.

Q: Do you provide drivers
A: No we do not provide drivers or transport

Please remember to treat your date with respect at all times.