Book A Date

How To Book A Date

Please remember all our companions offer a totally non-sexual escort service and are only offering their time and company. They do not and will not offer any extra services.

The hourly rate for booking one of our companions is £60 per hour.

Once you have selected the companion you would like to meet you can either:

1: Call us to discuss your date on 07810 827 915
2: Complete the online booking form and we will contact you back

If you are unsure which companion to choose for your date, let us know the details of your date and we will suggest companions that are most suited and available to attend your date with you.

All our non-sexual escorts are professional and will be very discreet on your date.

Before your date your chosen companion will call you and introduce themselves, this will give you the opportunity to discuss the exact meeting arrangements and dress requirements.

All meals, drinks, tickets etc for the companion have to be paid for by the client as does any travel expenses above 10 miles.

If you are unsure about which companion to choose for your date, please email or call us with details of your event and we will select the most appropriate ladies for your date for you to choose from.

If you have any questions about our service or companions do not hesitate to contact us.

Tel: 07810 827 915